The Play-Create-Develop-to-Earn
Interactive and Immersive Web 3.0

A True Virtuous Ecosystem

The Dreamscape Open Metaverse is built on an approach of  simplicity, interoperability, sustainability and prosperity.  With one selfie, the journey for users begins while creators, developers and network operators can reap the benefits of engagement and monetization when teaming up with the first interactive, immersive and sustainable Web 3.0 ecosystem.

A Blockchain Platform That Inspires Creativity and Ecosystem Engagement

The Dreamscape Open Metaverse platform exemplifies the best that the metaverse can be, democratizing, decentralizing and monetizing online experiences for the next generation. Its foundational pillars are:

Dreamium Portal
  • dUNCS

    Our Decentralized Universal NFT Character System (known as dUNCS, pronounced “dunks”) is made up of transportable avatars, or “virtual personas.” It authenticates users and manages aesthetics, skills, powers, rankings as well as items privately and securely.

  • dMMIX

    The dUNCS form the base layer that enables developers to create Decentralized Massively Multiplayer Interconnected eXperiences (dMMIX)—the dApps of the open Metaverse—which are poised to become the new standard of the online experience.

  • Dream Maker Nodes

    This peer-to-peer network of blockchain computer nodes (servers) form the processing power of dUNCS and dMMIX that produce the blocks that record all transactions.

  • REM Tokens

    The fuel that powers our blockchain network. Through our cryptocurrency, we offer incentives, rewards and liquidity to stimulate rapid expansion that supports adoption of the Dreamscape Metaverse.

  • MetaDAO

    The platform is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), collectively owned and operated by its members.

  • Interoperability

    Our next-generation blockchain platform is designed to make on-boarding of creators, developers and users as simple as possible, requiring zero blockchain or crypto knowledge. Creators and developers leverage the same tools already used by millions so that Web 3.0 applications can be easily interconnected.

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An Interactive NFT ID Like No Other

Be your own set of interactive NFT personas on the first Decentralized Universal NFT. Our Character System (dUNCS) authenticates your unique digital DNA and transports all your aesthetics, skills, powers, rankings and items privately as well as securely across the open Metaverse.

  • Start with a simple selfie.

    Transport your minii into your app for more advanced features.

  • Choose your unique DNA.

    Choose hair styles, clothes, accessories and more.

  • Play and earn.

    Your minii is ready to play in the miniiverse across all dApps.


ESG Is At The Heart Of Our Network

At the forefront of the Dreamscape Open Metaverse’s mission is to create an inclusive metaverse that unlocks positive engagement for the masses with lucrative rewards for the entire ecosystem, while caring for our environment and humanity.  We do this through the integration of ESG into the core of the network architecture and opening it to the entire community through the Dreamscape MetaDAO. 


The only blockchain to have 100% renewable energy native to its network operations


Through by-laws, improvement proposals and fair voting, the community votes in a fair one account, one vote system to determine the future of the open Metaverse

Social Issues

The by-laws include donating 10% of REM generated in each block cycle to charitable and social causes directed by community voting or voted on by the community

Be Part of the Inevitable

The dawn of the metaverse era has arrived. The Dreamscape Open Metaverse is here to set the standard. We invite brands, businesses, developers, and creators of all types to become part of our burgeoning ecosystem that fosters independent thought and creative expression with active inclusion and respect for all individuals.  Join our journey today!


Who We Are

We are at the dawn of the Metaverse era, the next generation of compute that harnesses all previous generations of technology and takes them to an exhilarating new level of interactivity, immersion, self-sovereignty and commerce.

We’ve assembled a team of passionate inventors, developers, artists and doers from a cross-section of the tech landscape to help build this next digital realm, the Dreamscape Open Metaverse.

Team DNA

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